WATCH: 35th anniversary of raising of the Mary Rose

Defence secretary John Nott with the captain of HMS Hermes, Capt Lyn Middleton pictured at the top of the Harrier jet ski-ramp at the bow of the aircraft carrier during the minister's visit to Portsmouth Naval Base

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Thirty five years ago today, the Mary Rose was lifted from the Solent seabed.

On the cold misty morning of October 11, 1982, the Tudor warship re-emerged above the waves 437 years after she sank.

The News front page on October 11, 1982

The News front page on October 11, 1982

Thousands gathered at Southsea to see the moment of history and millions more watched live footage on TV.

The £4m operation using complicated salvaging apparatus and floating cradle brought the ship to the surface and she was towed to a dry dock at the dockyard for experts to begin the long process of restoring her.

A video produced by Portsmouth Historic Dockyard tells the story of the ship, her recovery and restoration and the building a the museum that houses her as a major tourist attraction.