Water, water everywhere – an inspiration to Celia

THEN: Full of life and shops galore  the eastern end of Highland Road in Edwardian days with Kassassin Street on the right.  Picture: Barry Cox Collection

NOSTALGIA: Snapshot of life in Edwardian Portsmouth

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Water plays a huge part in our lives. Whether you live surrounded by it on the islands of Portsea or Hayling or on the mainland, none of us is ever far from it.

Should we roam deep inland from our coastal plain existence, those of us born by the sea become intensely nostalgic for the sight and sound of the ocean.

Then there is the stuff that falls from the sky.

Rain and snow. Remember them? That’s jinxed the end of this glorious summer...

Today’s five Remember When pictures were all taken by Southsea author Celia Clark and prove that nostalgia is in the eye of the beholder.

Recent pictures they might be, but my selection is almost certain to make you yearn for different parts of our great city and the surrounding area at different times and in varying moods.

Celia, of Florence Road, has taken water in all its guises as her theme and inspiration and interspersed her 150 atmospheric photographs from around Britain and abroad with poetry inspired by the element.

This is her third photographic book and she says: ‘Portsmouth, as an island city is surrounded by water: the seafront facing the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Langstone Harbours and the tidal Portscreek.’

n Celia Clark’s The Colour of Water (Tricorn Books) costs £18.95 plus postage and packing and is available from