What happened to rescued boy?

The Heath Lake where Eric Fay nearly drowned
The Heath Lake where Eric Fay nearly drowned
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It is an overused word, but Louis Harrison was a hero. Read this report from The Evening News from 1942 and you learn why.

Now Louis’s son, John Harrison, would like to find out what happened to young Eric Fay, the lad his father saved from drowning at the Heath Lake, Petersfield.

John contacted Remember When from his home in Houston, Texas, to appeal to readers.

He says he remembers being taken to the lake as a boy, adding: ‘My father died many years ago but I recently rediscovered some family treasures which included this article from The Evening News.

‘Over the years I often wondered what became of this young boy; did he grow up to have a family, grandchildren or even great grandchildren? Is he still alive?

‘However, it was not until I found the article that I became aware of his name.’

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