What happened to these commandos?

Sgt E Roberts and Sgt L Cross.
Sgt E Roberts and Sgt L Cross.
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In years past the Royal Navy and Royal Marines played a much larger part in the local paper than they do today.

This is mainly due, of course, to the huge numbers that were based in the area not to mention the number of ships in the navy.

The Royal Marine Barracks at Eastney was fully operational as well and the Portsmouth Evening News often featured local men on duty.

Here are four Royal Marine Commandos who were serving in Norway taken from the Evening News of late 1963 and I wonder whatever happened to them.

They are: Sgt E Wyles, of Leigh Park. The caption tells us he had three children Maureen, Pat and Terence.

Marine Carruthers, of Rowner, Gosport, who was once a telegraph boy for the Portsmouth Post Office.

Sgt E Roberts, a section sergeant who lived at Middle Park Way, Leigh Park. An ex-gunnery instructor, he also served at Whale Island.

Sgt L Cross, of Parham Road, Gosport. He became a commando after joining up as a boy bugler. He had a son, Kevin.

Perhaps they were your dad or grandfather? Please let me know.