When Fratton turned out to hail Japanese sailors

Fratton Road looking north about 1907
Fratton Road looking north about 1907
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Crowds greet a tram carrying visiting Japanese sailors in 1907 from under the awnings of Albert Smart’s furniture shop and the Home and Colonial Stores on the corner of Sheffield Street, Fratton, Portsmouth.

The Carnegie Library, which had opened in 1906, is visible in the distance in both pictures, in which we are looking north along Fratton Road.

The other two photos here were taken not far away in Somers Road North, looking west.

The older picture, taken in 1973, was taken from outside John Palmer’s Brush Factory, now the Victory Buisness Centre.

The Guildhall is visible in the distance, giving a bearing in an area that was widely redeveloped in the 1970s and 1980s.

Warehouses now occupy the site of the terraced houses on the right.

n From John Sadden’s Portsmouth Through Time.