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The loss of HMS Eurydice during a squall.

NOSTALGIA: Ghostly sightings of Portsmouth frigate lost in snowstorm 140 years ago

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There was Come Dine with Me Royal Wedding Special, My Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding, William and Kate: Romance and the Royals, Giles & Sue’s Royal Wedding, When Kate Met William: A Tale of Two Lives, Britain’s Royal Weddings and, of course, yesterday’s blanket coverage of the big day itself.

But don’t worry, I know you’re all royal weddinged-out, so I’m going to write about what else was on the box last week.

A few top telly programmes may have slipped under your radar while you were busy looking forward to Wills and Kate’s nuptials.

Saturday teatime ITV1 screened March of the Dinosaurs – a feature-length CGI adventure and history lesson narrated by Stephen Fry.

Much like the BBC’s 1999 state-of-the-art six-part series Walking with Dinosaurs, it used computer generated images to depict these ancient creatures and their habitat.

It told a story of an epic migration in a stunning but hostile environment, with the focus on the toughest dinosaurs that ever lived – the ones that made the Arctic their home.

The programme charted the progress of a young dinosaur as he attempted a 1,000-mile migration to escape the polar winter and four months of perpetual night.

Then, on Easter Sunday, we saw the second episode of new Channel 4 docu-soap The Hotel.

In the opening episode there were enough water-cooler moments on view for almost an entire run. And after last week’s episode, it looks like the editor didn’t just bung all the best bits in the first hour.

As Tom and pregnant fiancée Susanna held their wedding at the hotel, there were problems with a troublesome toilet and a near-the-knuckle best man’s speech.

I’ve got high hopes for more entertainment in the coming six episodes from the staff and guests of the Damson Dene, a three-star hotel in the picturesque surroundings of the Lake District.

One final show that it would have been shameful to miss in favour of regal marriage pomp, was Arena’s biography, Produced by George Martin, on Monday.

Various men have been described as the ‘fifth Beatle’ over the years, but few could possibly lay as big a claim to the title as George Martin.

He is best known for his work as a producer and musical arranger for the Fab Four, and it’s hard to imagine them achieving quite so great a success without his guidance and skill. It was he who originally signed them for the Parlophone label. This documentary looked back on his amazing life and career.

If you missed any of the above they are available to view on itvPlayer, 4oD and iPlayer and The Hotel continues on Channel 4 tomorrow at 8pm.