Wistful thoughts of three barefoot boys in Cosham

London Road, Cosham
London Road, Cosham
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Three barefooted boys pose for the camera in this undated photograph taken in London Road, Cosham.

The lad on the right who, hopefully, has not just run through that pile of manure in the road, seems to be looking wistfully at the tea chest on wheels in the gutter. Perhaps because one of its wheels has fallen off?

The crossroads on Southampton Road, Cosham

The crossroads on Southampton Road, Cosham

This is one of three pictures today from the collection of Waterlooville photographer and collector Paul Costen (costen.co.uk).

His second shows the Red Lion at the Southampton Road/Havant Road crossroads at the top of High Street, when there really seems little need for the RAC patrolman on point duty.

Apart from a horse and cart plodding towards the camera and an elderly cyclist making his way up London Road, the scene is so deserted that the patrolman seems to have time to chat in the middle of the road.

The final picture, not available online, appears to have been taken towards the end of the 19th century when the old Ship pub, which stood on Cosham High Street close to Cosham Park Avenue, dominated the scene.

The pub became one of dozens across Portsmouth that were sold off by Whitbread in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The pub has long since been replaced by shops and there is no evidence of its presence today.