Basement Jaxx make it a Bestival night to remember

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Bestival has always been about capturing the party spirit.

And if there is a band that knows how to do that it’s dance veterans Basement Jaxx.

The chart-toppers took to the stage at the Big Top in the early hours of Sunday after a long, if fun, day.

But despite the late hour, there was no sign of flagging from the crowd or band during the high energy set.

Jaxx mainmen Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe are not a pair of faceless techno boffins, stuck behind piles of equipment - they put on a full band with multiple singers to bring life to their songs.

Hits like Romeo, Red Alert and set closer Where’s Your Head At? Had the crowd eating out of their hands.

Earlier Oxford indie rockers Foals played their biggest ever headlining set when they topped proceedings on the mainstage.

Coming on to the slow burning Prelude, the four piece have come a long way from the scratchy punk-funk of their debut album.

Three albums in and they have amassed a set’s worth of heavy hitting tunes.

Singer Yannis Philippakis has become an engaging frontman, albeit one prone to going wandering into the crowd.

They finished with a blisteringly intense read through of the single Inhaler that left the audience with smiles on their faces.

One of the pleasures of any festival is catching a band that has risen to the occasion.

And earlier in the day Skindred, ska-metallers from the other Newport, in Wales, showed a lot of bands how it should be done.

Frontman Benji was relentless in his efforts to get the sizable crowd involved - full of endless patter, he was a cajoling, cheerleading and endlessly fun figure. Imagine Rage Against the Machine with a sense of humour and you’d be halfway there.

Other highlights from Saturday included the final ever set from Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip. The British hip hop scene will be poorer without them. And chart rockers The Kooks also played a surprise set in a rammed Big Top that showed their best days are not behind them.