Beans on Toast, Wedgewood Rooms, review: ‘Lyrically brilliant’

Beans on Toast was at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea.
Beans on Toast was at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea.

Reviewing Beans On Toast conjures up images of a new TV show called Student Masterchef.

But no, I'm at the Wedge to witness an alt-folk hero take the stage.

Beans on Toast enters the fray and begins playing instantly, the crowd settling into singalong mode straight away.

He's joined by a bassist, drummer and keyboard player, and takes the opportunity to put his guitar down and strut around the stage like an under-dressed version of Madness frontman Suggs. 

He's engaging from the word go, and the terrible weather outside is forgotten in favour of a warm and cosy atmosphere. It might be the music, it might be the heating, either way we're all toasty.

Mr Toast leads the crowd in a dance while he touches on subjects such as fracking, politics and, er, drinking.

I spent most of the night wondering who I'd have a drink with given the choice. This is another example of the songwriting that is lyrically brilliant yet so accessible and engaging to the average Joe Bloggs.

The whole evening had a festival vibe to it, which does make sense as Beans on Toast is something of a Glastonbury favourite. 

As the set draws to a close, the impact of the set’s protest songs and social commentaries means I'm left feeling defiant in the face of corporate greed, and the question on my lips is: how long before the Amazon warehouse is bigger than the Amazon jungle?