Bellway’s big hearts

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On July 3, 1987, an historic journey took place which saw two men become the first hot-air balloon travellers to cross the Atlantic and 28 years to the day later, Bellway Homes employees are attempting an historic journey of their own, inspired by last year’s Tour de Yorkshire.

Enthusiastic employees will cycle on static bikes with the ultimate goal of travelling 900 miles, the distance of a journey visiting every divisional Bellway office starting in Scotland and finishing at Cardiff.

Dividing the distance equally, each Bellway division was set a target of 57 miles and the division to reach their target in the quickest time will be crowned champions and receive the Tour de Bellway trophy! The Wessex Division recorded a very respectable time of 3hrs 2mins.

In addition to the ‘Tour de Bellway’ cycle race, Bellway employees in 16 divisions across the country will be raising further funds by dressing in the clothes they wore in their youth, guessing their team members from baby photos and enjoying the baking talents of their colleagues.

Bellway Homes recently announced the Construction Youth Trust as one of its celebrated charities of the year.

The Trust is close to the hearts of Bellway employees, many of whom themselves began their careers through training and apprenticeships with the company. Speaking about the partnership, Bellway CEO Ted Ayres commented ‘Through fundraising and events we aim to support the work of the Trust and help to ensure that they can continue to provide training and support for those looking to join the construction industry.’

Working with young people between the ages of 14 and 30, the Construction Youth Trust provides access to training and employment to those who lack adequate entry level training, where there is a local skills need, in deprived communities and with specific social groups. Construction Youth Trust executive director Christine Townley said about the partnership: ‘Construction Youth Trust is absolutely delighted to have the support of Bellway.

‘It’s so important that our work is closely linked to construction employers.

‘The donation from Bellway and Bellway staff will help us to help more young people develop the skills, experience and confidence to build their own better future.’