Chipper and Peppa teamed up for this

Scarlet Davies's picture
Scarlet Davies's picture
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Hi there Chipsters and welcome to this week’s fun-filled page!

I’m a big fan of all my fellow animals and pigs are no exception, so I was delighted to get the chance to team up with Peppa Pig a while ago.

We thought you guys would love the chance to see her and her friends at the Kings Theatre, Southsea, and arranged a colouring-in competition for you to enjoy.

Well, as always, you didn’t let me down. Lots of you spent time colouring in the outline of Peppa on her bike. I was so impressed by all your efforts – your old pal Chipper loves bright and colourful drawings and that’s exactly what you gave me.

There could only be four winners though and I’m delighted to reveal to you all who those lucky little Chipsters are.

So, take a look to the right and admire – from clockwise top left – the handiwork of Chipsters 999 Scarlet Davies, 228 Coral Whitaker, 81 Katie Rowe and 394 George Houkes.

Well done guys, as you know, you each win a family ticket to see Peppa Pig’s Party at the Kings. Enjoy the show and remember to tell me and your fellow Chipsters all about your day out!

If you didn’t win the Peppa Pig competition, don’t worry. I’ve got some books on offer for the clever so-and-so who manages to find all the words hidden in today’s word search.

And come back next week because I’ll have another great prize for you to have a go at winning.

That’s it for today my friends so, until next Saturday, it’s chip chip for now!

Love Chipper X