Chipper: Asked to perform on stage at a festival

100511-042_CHIPPER_16/02/10''Chipper The News mascot''Picture: AlIan Hutchings  (100511-042c) PPP-160504-093717001
100511-042_CHIPPER_16/02/10''Chipper The News mascot''Picture: AlIan Hutchings (100511-042c) PPP-160504-093717001
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Greetings Chipsters everywhere.

Over the weekend I felt lucky to live in Dunyelping as there was a festival being held right on my doorstep.

Everyone who was anyone attended this festival – even my good friend Pudsey from Britain’s Got Talent came along. There were music and circus acts, games, rides, kites, and refreshments galore.

But that wasn’t what made my day. What did, was the fact that your old mate the Chipmeister was asked to perform on stage.

One of the acts was Colin the Clown and his pet dog and best friend, Scruffy. They have fun on stage and do tricks together.

Scruffy was on holiday with his family and as he was due to fly home, he found out his flight was delayed by 10 hours. He was going to jump straight off the plane and come to Dunyelping, but that wasn’t going to happen.

Panic overcame Colin as he wondered what on earth he would do.

There I was, thrashing about the field playing games with the children and my other friends, when Colin approached me and explained what had happened.

He then asked if there was any chance I would fill in for Scruffy, as I looked like quite the athlete, and I said yes. You know as well as I do that I’m no stranger to a performance or two.

Colin was super impressed with me and said I can go and see one of his shows anytime I like.

Chip chip for now, your old friend, Chipper.

Competition winners: 
This week, three of my Chipsters have won the latest prize in my wooftastic competition.

The winners are:

Maddie Gordon (1741), Bailey Young (2023) and Emily Slight (1191).

Congratulations to all three of you.

You have each won yourselves a family ticket to Beaulieu.

I’m sure you’ll have the best day out ever.