CHIPPER: Christmas shopping has made me ‘paw’

Thanks to my Chipster Lucy Smith for this woof-tastic colouring
Thanks to my Chipster Lucy Smith for this woof-tastic colouring
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Greetings Chipsters everywhere! As some of you may have noticed, last weekend was the start of December and this means more than just being able to open your doggy chocolate calendar.

This meant that I needed to go Christmas shopping as soon as I possibly could because the sales were on. So I collected all my puppy pocket money from my piggy bank, trotted down the road and towards the shops.

The most difficult gift to find was a present for my feline friend Brindley Milligan. I couldn’t just buy a bone like I did for Joe the Jack Russell because cats don’t like them. So I wondered to myself, what do cats like? Then I walked past a store selling Christmas stockings for cats with catnip, feathers and toy mice in it. It was perfect.

Then I had to find a gift for Rayna the Robin. I knew exactly what she needed, a scarf. She’s always complaining about being cold so I bought her a pretty scarf covered in little robins to keep her warm on her flights when she visits me.

Lastly I had to buy a gift for my mum. So I went to her favourite shop and bought her the pink, woolly blanket she’d had her eye on for weeks. This way she could be warm all winter.

Have you been out Christmas shopping yet? If you have make sure you let me know.

Oh and before I forget, thank you so much Katie, for the get well soon card you got me. I feel much better now.

Chip Chip for now, your old friend Chipper