CHIPPER CLUB: Making paw-traits with my new paints

Picture: Shutterstock
Picture: Shutterstock

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Greetings Chipsters everywhere! Seeing as it’s now February, I have decided to join a new club.

Mum is taking me to an art club set up by Paul the Pug. Paul is a very talented artist, and he often hangs his pictures all around his house for everyone to enjoy.

It’s great to learn a new skill and I’m looking forward to painting and drawing to impress my friends. They may start calling me ‘Chipper van Gogh’ after Vincent van Gogh, the famous Dutch painter.

Mum also bought me some new paints and pencils to practice with, and my tail has been wagging with excitement ever since I got them. Even though it is hard to colour my drawings when you have big paws like mine, mum says the club will teach me to draw even better.

Once we complete the lessons the best pieces will be shown off in a big exhibition at the local museum. I can’t wait to see my work hanging up on the wall, it will make me feel very important.

Maybe I can ask Rayna the Robin to come along to the club too. We could do some great print-making. I could use chalk to draw Rayna’s wing, and we could create patterns and use different materials to make an eye-catching collage. My favourite thing to draw so far is my doggie biscuits box... those tasty treats always spark my imagination and have me howling with excitement!

What is your favourite thing to draw? Have you joined any new clubs this month? Perhaps, your art work has been shown off in an exhibition. If, so let me know.

Chip chip for now, your old friend Chipper.