Chipper: Penguins p-p-p-picked up my smelly fish

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Greetings Chipsters everywhere. At the weekend I went on work experience to the zoo at Dunyelping.

I got to play with all the animals and met some I’ve never seen before.

I fed the parrots, who were very noisy. I helped clean the hippos as they splashed water all over me and I played with the chattering monkeys who are extremely good at climbing and swinging from tall trees, which is impossible for me.

But I was too frightened to go anywhere near the lions because my best feline friend Brindley Milligan warned me they can be very scary.

I was exhausted after the morning’s work so I rested my paws and refuelled as I dug into my tasty packed lunch.

The working life is extremely rewarding and the next job was to feed my favourite animals, the penguins, some fish.

I slowly pushed the smelly, slippery fish into the water with my paw and the penguins swarmed around as they gulped down the fish and waddled over for more looking just like the waiters in my local canine diner.

When my working day was finally over I bounded home to tell Brindley all about it. But he was, as ever, sound asleep curled up on his fleece-lined bed dreaming of mice.

What are your favourite animals?

Do write to me and let me know what they are.

Chip Chip for now. Your old friend Chipper.