Chipsters make it in to my hall of fame!

Kai Kay's drawing has made it in to the Chipper Club hall of fame
Kai Kay's drawing has made it in to the Chipper Club hall of fame
Porta 6 2015, Lisboa

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Hi there Chipsters! It’s Saturday which must mean it’s time for some Chipper Club fun.

You Chipsters are a really creative bunch. I’m always getting your pictures through the post and it’s always guaranteed to get my tail wagging when I do.

Three of your fellow Chipper Club members have been in touch this week and I thought they deserved to see their art work in print.

First up is Chipster 1505, Kai Kay, seven. Kai sent me this lovely picture on the right, complete with some expert colouring-in skills on show.

Well done Kai, I thought your picture was smashing. I hope you enjoy seeing it on the Chipper Club page today.

Also making it into the Chipper Club hall of fame are sisters Macy-Grace and Freya Newman. The girls, aged 11 and five, sent me a picture of their cats, Bella and Tilly. That’s Bella on the left and Tilly on the right.

Now girls, you might have thought a dog like me might not be so keen on cats but you’d be wrong. I’ve got no problem with my feline friends, so long as I can chase them! Just joking, of course.

Remember, if you send me your drawings, you might see your work displayed on this page.

You can post your pictures, photos, stories and jokes to the usual address and your old pal Chipper will always be delighted to receive your work.

That’s it for this week’s page Chipsters so until next Saturday, I’ll say chip chip for now!

Love Chipper X