Colin takes on an NAEA role

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Colin Shairp, well-known in property circles in southern Hampshire and West Sussex, has been appointed south-eastern regional executive and board member for the National Association of Estate Agents.

In this new voluntary role, Colin, the owner of Fine and Country Southern Hampshire, with offices at Drayton and Emsworth, and Town and Country Southern estate agency in Drayton, will represent more than 1,100 estate agents on the national board of NAEA.

Colin already sits on the national advisory council for Fine and Country, for which he was also a national trainer, so is no stranger to helping manage industry affairs. But he thinks the challenge with NAEA will be one of his most daunting to date, and not just because of the numbers involved.

‘My area embraces the whole of Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, East and West Sussex, Surrey, and Kent so there will be some travelling to do as I want to visit NAEA meetings in every area,’ says Colin.

‘It’s an organisation centred very much on raising standards within the industry.

‘The NAEA has been part of my professional life for many years and I am now one of the 393 Fellows in the area I cover.

‘My aim is to persuade member agents to do more to make the public aware of NAEA and what it stands for – its demands for high service standards and constant professional skills development for members. Consumers need to understand that where they see our logo displayed they will be meeting estate agents who study for professional qualifications to bring higher standards of service and integrity.

‘Estate agents are traditionally looked down upon and yet the majority of home owners or buyers use estate agents because they realise the importance of agency in the buying and selling process.

‘Good estate agents, and there are many, will keep in contact with all those involved in a transaction, give regular updates, and work hard behind the scenes to make sure everything falls into place while the participants in the sale continue with their own busy lives.

‘It takes tremendous business juggling skills to keep everything in the air and no-one does it better than an NAEA agent.

‘That’s the message we have to put out – it is, after all, absolutely true.’

Colin’s first meeting with local agents will be at Goodwood on September 16.