Community scheme helps dog charity

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STAFF at a department store have helped raise funds for a dog charity.

Knight and Lee in Southsea has donated £1,320 to Canine Partners through its Community Matters Scheme.

Jane Grant, south region fundraiser for the charity, said: ‘Canine Partners is delighted to accept this amazing cheque from Knight and Lee.

‘We would like to thank everyone involved in the Community Matters 

Canine Partners, which receives no government funding and relies solely on donations, trains assistance dogs to perform tasks that people find difficult, painful or impossible to do for themselves.

Julie Edwards, of Havant, is a volunteer ‘puppy parent’ and teaches assistance dogs in training.

She said: ‘I became involved with Canine Partners because I wanted to do something rewarding which would make a difference to someone’s 

‘These dogs transform lives – amazing.’