Washing machine row with Currys leaves Jane in a real spin

A Hotpoint washing machine
A Hotpoint washing machine
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Reader Jane Moore is a big fan of Dolly Parton, and knows the lyrics to her Washday Blues song off by heart.

But the 29-year-old hospital cleaner from Portsmouth had more than a fair share of washday blues when her new Hotpoint washing machine packed up within months of buying it.

Jane had her third child on the way and decided to buy a new machine from Currys PC World in May to replace a 14-year-old Zanussi that had sprung a door leak and had seen better days.

All went well until last month when the appliance started to make a rumbling noise which got progressively louder each time she used it.

Jane’s husband Colin called the Hotpoint service line to report the fault under the manufacturer’s warranty.

They sent out an engineer who after inspecting the machine diagnosed a defective drum bearing and ordered replacement parts.

A fortnight later Jane was concerned that she’d not heard anything from Hotpoint and the engineer had not been back to complete the repair.

She contacted Currys and was told not to worry because it usually took a few weeks for machines to be sorted.

It agreed to contact Hotpoint and see if it could chase it up.

Hotpoint soon got back to her with profuse apologies and said the parts that were needed to fix the machine were out of stock and had been put on special order.

She’d be given top priority once the parts arrived.

Jane wasn’t best pleased that a new appliance costing almost £400 needed a major repair so soon after buying it, but decided that she had her hands full with her baby daughter and the wait would be less hassle.

In any event a friend and neighbour had offered to let her use their machine in the meantime so the inconvenience was kept to a minimum.

But after another two weeks had gone by with no word from Hotpoint Jane decided to contact Streetwise to find out where she stood.

We told her that as the machine was less than six months old the onus was on Currys to prove it wasn’t faulty when she bought it and to get it fixed.

While it had every right to first insist on trying to have it repaired, that could only be on the understanding she wasn’t substantially inconvenienced.

We took the view she’d been kept waiting for it to be repaired for quite long enough and recommended that she told Currys she was rejecting the machine and would like it replaced.

Jane rang Currys and told them she couldn’t keep imposing on her friend to do her washing, but both they and Hotpoint insisted they were not required to replace the machine.

She got back in touch and we agreed to take up her case with Currys who soon arranged to get the matter sorted.

A spokesperson said: ‘We were sorry to learn of the delay in fixing Mrs Moore’s washing machine.

‘We again contacted Hotpoint for her to find out when the appliance was booked in for repair, but we can now confirm it has been agreed to replace it.

‘The store has been in touch and she’s agreed to arrangements to uplift the machine and install the replacement at the same time.

A grateful Jane said: ‘Within 24 hours of contacting Streetwise my washday blues were sorted.

‘We’ve already got the replacement machine installed. Without your intervention I’m convinced we’d still be waiting.

‘I can’t thank you enough for all your help and advice.’