A cracking engagement for Drayton couple Tina and Kev

While basking in Benidorm, the paths of two soulmates crossed '“ but in unexpected circumstances.

Monday, 1st October 2018, 1:26 pm
Updated Monday, 1st October 2018, 2:34 pm
Tina and Kev share a kiss under the sun on their wedding day. Picture: Carla Mortimer Photography

Back in 2012, Tina Kemp was relaxing on the Spanish coast during a girls holiday when she met Kev Lyons through a mutual friend. And the couple haven't stopped laughing together since.

'˜I think after we got back from Benidorm we didn't spend a day apart,' says Tina.

Despite them both working full time, and them both having children of their own, their individual lives fitted together perfectly. Therefore, it wasn't a surprise when Kev moved in a few months later.

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Tina poses with her wedding team. Back row LtoR: Kim Kingston, Tina, Carla Mortimer, Claire Maker. Front row: Jaz Dawson.

The couple will be celebrating six years together in October. And have finally relaxed after tying the knot on August 4 at the The Port House, Port Solent. '˜It was the most beautiful day,' says Tina, reflecting. Kev, 45, and Tina, 44, got engaged on Christmas Day in 2016 at their home in Carmarthen Avenue, Drayton. In typical festive spirit, Tina found her ring in a cracker.

'˜It was just me and Kev that Christmas. And we'd decided ages ago what crackers we wanted - one set with marbles and the other with cards,' Tina explains.

'˜I picked out my cracker and said 'oh I've got the marble one' and Kev grabbed it saying 'no I wanted that one!'

'˜But I didn't suspect a thing so I just thought he was being fussy. I couldn't believe it when we pulled it and the ring dropped out!'

Bridesmaids Rhyanna, Tinas daughter, (left) and Claire Maker (right) were full of smiles on Tinas big day. Picture: Carla Mortimer Photography

As soon as Tina had the ring on her finger, the wedding planning began and the original date was set for May 19 2019.

'˜I wanted the year and date to match so at first we settled for a date in May.

Tina laughs, '˜but then Kev didn't want to get married on a Sunday!'

'˜There's no real reason why,' she says, '˜I'm just picky.' Every bride is allowed to be on their wedding day '“ but they eventually settled for August 4.

Kev Lyons on his big day. Picture: Carla Mortimer Photography

'˜The wedding planning fitted in with my life really. I was very organised so I had everything planned and paid for by September last year.'

And to save for the wedding, Tina and Kev decided on a perhaps, unconventional method.

'˜I used one of those jars specifically for leftover 50ps or £2 coins '“ that saved up a grand by itself!'

'˜But in all honesty, I didn't earn much that year because my clients at the hairdressers paid me in £2 coins,' Tina laughs.

When the day finally arrived, the weather was glorious, the 70 guests were seated and Tina walked down the aisle and married the love of her life.

'˜Kev is such a lovely person '“ there's not a bad bone in his body,' adds Tina.

After they partied the night away at their reception, the Lyons spent their honeymoon the way it all began '“ in the sun.