LAWRENCE MURPHY: White chocolate mousse '“ Tasty with extras or on its own


Thursday, 8th June 2017, 8:11 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th June 2017, 8:15 pm
Try serving the mousse with seasonal fruits or chocolate doughnuts
Try serving the mousse with seasonal fruits or chocolate doughnuts

It’s good to have a recipe in your repertoire that can be served simply on its own, or to which you can add extra items so it turns into something special.

This white chocolate mousse is one of those that will impress everyone you serve it to. It’s great on its own in small glass dishes or served with seasonal fruits – I’m thinking strawberries or blueberries, or both – or something like dark chocolate doughnuts.

I have even added roasted cardamom seeds at the folding-in stage and served it with caramelised banana for something a bit different.

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I am currently serving it with a cappuccino parfait and walnut biscotti. Make sure the cream is at room temperature before you whip it and the white chocolate is not too hot when you add it to the cream and egg mixture.

If you follow these rules, the chocolate will not seize and you will end up with a smooth mousse.


100ml egg

35g sugar

200g white chocolate

150ml double cream


1. Carefully melt the white chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water.

2. Whisk the eggs and sugar together for five minutes using an electric whisk until thick.

3. Whisk the double cream until soft peaks appear.

4. Fold the cream and egg mixture together.

5 Fold in the chocolate and pour into four moulds.

6. Put the moulds in the fridge and allow to set for at least four hours before serving.

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