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The newly re-branded and rapidly growing sales and letting agent, EweMove.com, is welcoming a new member to its flock as Ian Charlesworth opened his doors in Waterlooville on September 1, 2014.

EweMove.com - is rapidly appearing in every town around the country.

Ian Charlesworth, who has been working in Waterlooville and surrounding areas for more than 12 years and very knowledgeable about the local community said: ‘I am delighted to be bringing the innovative and unique EweMove.com brand to Waterlooville, I am confident that our fantastic ‘Ewe-reka’ computer system, combined with our incredibly profitable ‘Rent Now, Buy Later’ scheme - for those struggling to get a foot on the property ladder, whereby rent is fixed for five years with an affordable monthly payment to build up a deposit fund - will be hugely beneficial to everyone looking to buy, sell or let locally.’

‘The key to our success and rapid growth is our quirky brand and our extensive marketing. We make sure that our customer’s properties really do stand out from the crowd, giving them the attention they deserve,’ he continued, ‘This includes providing amazing photographs, 3D Floor plans and carefully crafted marketing descriptions.

‘First and foremost, we pride ourselves on working harder than any other agent to deliver results for our clients.’

Setting up throughout the UK, EweMove.com prides itself not only on having a stand-out brand with a unique website and For Sale/To-Let boards, but also on its superb customer service propositions.

With a motto of ‘We’ll never fleece ewe’ and a bid to better the average house selling time, the company offers a totally unique and cast-iron guarantee to sell a home in 77 days.

Equally, customers are not required to pay upfront fees or sneaky hidden charges along with a ‘No Sale – No Fee’ promise, while it’s free for a tenant to apply for a property.

According to Ian Charlesworth, with 95 per cent of buyers now searching online, EweMove.com lists properties on all of the major property portals, which generate 183 million buyers’ searches each month. ‘This, combined with EweMove.com’s ‘Mammoth Marketing’ approach,’ he continued, ‘means that seller’s and landlord’s homes get more interest, more quickly. We also operate a 24/7 service making sure that any viewing; enquiry or purchase offer is never lost. It’s obvious really. Most people search for houses online when they’ve finished work, or at weekends - precisely when most agents are shut. They’re missing a trick as we get lots of enquiries during these periods, so our client’s don’t miss out.’

David Laycock, Managing Director of EweMove.com, added: ‘We are delighted to have Ian Charlesworth on board and we wish him every success. I am sure the property sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants of Waterlooville and surrounding areas will soon be benefiting from our unique £1.32m ‘Ewe-reka’ IT system which took three years to build and is the world’s only automated sales and letting solution.’

‘The highly innovative system enables prospective buyers and tenants to book their own viewing appointments online without need to call an agent, or make time to visit an office,’ he continued.

‘Similarly, when a tenant or house buyer chooses a viewing convenient for them, they are emailed and sent text reminders ‘from the Branch Director’ by the system, with a reminder the day before. This helps confirm arrangements with viewers, and all the details are handily stored on their phone. They can then apply or make on offer by phone, or online 24 hours a day from the comfort of their own home.

‘Making it quick and simple helps everybody and our customers love it.’

For further information please contact Ian on (023) 9298 5215 or email: waterlooville@ewemove.com or visit the website ewemove.com/waterlooville