A forgotten corner of France

Riesling 2009, Cave de Turckheim
Riesling 2009, Cave de Turckheim
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Ask almost anyone in the wine trade what the most under-rated wine region in France is and they’ll tell you it’s Alsace.

This quiet corner of north-eastern France is surprisingly one of the driest regions of France and has for centuries had a personality crisis. Is it French or German?

This is perhaps one of its problems when it comes to the grape as the wines come in tall German-style bottles and Riesling is one of the principal grapes. But to ignore the wines of Alsace is to ignore some of the great white wines.

Gewurztraminer 2009, Domaine Paul Blanck (Waitrose £13.99) is a classic example, very aromatic with lychees and roses on the nose followed by a rich yet crisp palate.

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Riesling 2009, Cave de Turckheim

Dry but with apples, citrus notes and minerals on the nose followed by a very clean, citrus finish.

Majestic £7.99, but buy 2 for £6.99 each.