Add mint and chives to do a vibrant salsa

Salsa verde
Salsa verde
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We have washed the patio and scrubbed the outdoor furniture as it appears we might be getting a summer.

Our small potted herb garden has been restocked from the Stansted Garden Show thanks to the green fingers of my wife Julia and as they’re beginning to show, it won’t be long until we’re cooking with them.

Winter savoury, mint, woodruff and thyme have been added and the hanging baskets’ usual crop of parsley has been replaced with trailing tomatoes.

Lots of herbs are now appearing and with the sun out I want to use them with some al fresco dining.

Having just produced a meal for our southern Italian wine-tasting event, here’s a recipe for salsa verde.

This piquant Italian green sauce was originally made just with parsley, but I like to add mint and chives for vibrancy.

You can use it with meat, fish or barbecue-charred vegetables. It also goes well with oily fish so, in the picture, I’ve have paired it with mackerel and samphire.

Salsa verde


Half bunch parsley

Half bunch chives

Half bunch mint

20g green olives

Desertspoon capers

Teaspoon grain mustard

Teaspoon white wine vinegar

75ml olive oil


1. Wash and dry all the herbs.

2. Finely chop the herbs as small as you can.

3. Chop the green olives and capers and add to the herbs.

4. Add the mustard and oil and mix together.

5. Add the vinegar.

6. Taste, season and it’s ready to use.