Alcohol is part of the balance

Jacob's Creek 'Cool Harvest, Vermentino 2011, S.E. Australia
Jacob's Creek 'Cool Harvest, Vermentino 2011, S.E. Australia
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Whenever I give wine tastings, one of the most frequent discussion points seems to be the alcohol content of wine these days.

Alcohol levels in wine have risen, especially since the appearance of the New World on our shelves and, perhaps, the rise of point-scoring American wine critics.

Personally I think that non-alcoholic wines just don’t work. I’d be far happier with a glass of mineral water. To me, wine is about balance and alcohol is very much part of that balance.

Jacob’s Creek has introduced a range called Cool Harvest, with the emphasis very much on low alcohol of 9.5-11 per cent. Jacob’s Creek ‘Cool Harvest’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011 (£8.49 Tesco, Sainsburys, Ocado) is 11 per cent and has zesty lychee-type fruit, is very refreshing and would work well with some new season asparagus.

Top tipple

Jacob’s Creek ‘Cool Harvest, Vermentino 2011, S.E. Australia

This comes in at 9.5 per cent alcohol, the lowest of the range, and is very fresh and clean with zesty fruit and a dry, lemony finish.

Tesco and, £8.49