Beat the bloat with some spuds

Winter Potato Pot
Winter Potato Pot

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For anyone tightening their belt after the Christmas festivities, the potato is a nutritious, purse-friendly way to see off the January blues.

It’s a hard month to love. The coffers are bare, winter is in full swing and calorific treats are off the menu as the nation tries to combat the traditional post-festive bloat.

Thankfully, the humble potato goes some way to addressing these concerns. Not only is it a cheap cupboard staple that’s easy to cook, it has the starchiness we crave on cold nights and experts say it’s good for our health, too.

Despite popular opinion steering us away from carbohydrates, spuds are naturally fat-free, low in calories and a good source of fibre, vitamin C, potassium and vitamin B6.

In fact, a recent study found eating a portion of potatoes twice a day can lower blood pressure, and a separate study claimed potatoes provide more health benefits than ‘superfoods’ like banana, nuts and beetroot.

So whether you’re mashing, baking or boiling, it’s time to start with the trusty spud.