Break that fast with a full meal

Wake up for the day with a hearty breakfast.
Wake up for the day with a hearty breakfast.
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From a full English to a fruit smoothie, there are plenty of tasty ways to start your day, yet many of us are still skipping breakfast.

Time and again we’re told it’s the most important meal of the day, but many of us are still failing to tuck into breakfast in the morning.

According to a new study, nearly half of us skip brekkie at least once a week, while 15% of those surveyed never eat that vital early meal.

The top reason given was not feeling hungry first thing, while 21% of respondents would rather spend longer in bed. And one in 10 people miss out in a belief it will help them lose weight.

The research was conducted for Farmhouse Breakfast Week, which runs from January 20-26, and aims to put a stop to these bad habits and encourage people to start the day with a meal.

People who eat a healthy breakfast have better concentration, more energy, tend to be less stressed and are less likely to be overweight, so remember to kick-start your day with a full meal.