Cherry flavour and chocolate

The Chocolate Block 2011, Western Cape
The Chocolate Block 2011, Western Cape
Porta 6 2015, Lisboa

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Easter weekend will no doubt bring a lot of chocolate - but what about wine and chocolate together?

They are actually very poor partners, but if you love both of them then one answer may be Chocolate Shop (from £8.99 Co-op and Sainsburys), which is, to my knowledge, the world’s only chocolate infused red wine.

It has apparently been hugely successful since its launch, and it reminds me of the dark cherry flavour you get in certain boxes of assorted chocolates. It’s soft with rich cherry fruit and some sweetness, and it certainly lets you know there is chocolate in it.

One style of wine which really does work with chocolate is port, and younger fruitier styles work best. Taylors LBV 2007 (widely available from £14.00) is rich and full-bodied with dark fruits, violets and spice.

TOP TIPPLE: The Chocolate Block 2011, Western Cape

This is a real cult wine, and is an interesting blend of Syrah, Grenache Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault and Viognier. It’s full bodied with spicy, rich reds fruits, some earthiness and a long warm finish. It would work with chocolate if you really must, but much better with some char-grilled lamb. It’s delicious.

Hermitage Cellars, £17.35