Cranberry relish adds tangy flavour to an old favourite

Club sandwich and homemade crisps with pickled onion and gerkins.
Club sandwich and homemade crisps with pickled onion and gerkins.
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This week I will be showing you a real classic in the way of lunchtime treats – the club sandwich.

It’s pretty much the unofficial godfather of the sandwich fraternity, not only because of its size but for the multilayered combination of chargrilled chicken, sweet cured bacon, mayonnaise and salad.

I have also added a little twist to the traditional sandwich by taking away the acidic tomato and replacing it with some cranberry relish, a flavour that lends itself superbly to the chicken and bacon. Along with some really crusty homemade bread, this will make a lunch fit for a king or queen.

The classic accompaniment is some ready salted potato crisps, but obviously you can choose whatever flavour you like. The significance of the ready salted crisp is due to when the sandwich was invented.

The history of the sandwich dates back to 1894 when a casino owner made a two-tiered sandwich and sold it exclusively. It was around the same time the potato chip was born in Saratoga Springs, New York, and they eventually became inseparable. It’s an institution that should remain as untouched as possible.

The name club was given to it through its adoption by a club of which the originator was a member. To his friends, also members of the club, he spoke of the sandwich and they had one made as an experiment. They always referred to it afterwards as the club sandwich.

· Kevin Bingham is the chef patron of Restaurant 27 in Southsea. Call (023) 9287 6272.

Club sandwich (Serves 1)


Chopping board

Bread knife

Palette knife


Frying pan

Kitchen paper

Ingredients per sandwich:

One uncut sandwich loaf, brown or white

Two rashers of good streaky bacon

Cooked and sliced chicken breast

Crispy lettuce of choice

One teaspoon of cranberry relish

Two teaspoons of mayonnaise

Sliced Emmental cheese


Kettle ready-salted chips

Baby pickled onions



Cut three slices of bread to desired thickness. Lightly toast them on both sides under a grill and put to one side.

Then, grill the bacon until it’s extra crispy and lay on the kitchen paper to absorb any excess fat.

Place the first slice of toast on to a chopping board and evenly spread the cranberry on it.

Top up with the crispy bacon and sliced emmental cheese.

Take the second slice of toast and put it on top of the cheese.

Spread the mayonnaise evenly on it and then add the sliced chicken.

Top this up with lettuce of your choice.

Take the last slice of toast and spread with mayonnaise and place on top – you’ve completed the club sandwich.

Now cut it into two triangles and garnish with your crisps, pickled onion and gherkin.