DISH DETECTIVE: Master your chopsticks before trying delicious dim sum at Whiteley’s dim t

dim t, Whiteley Shopping Centre
dim t, Whiteley Shopping Centre
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Asian fusion. Don’t freak out.

Serving a variety of traditional eastern food, dim t in Whiteley is decorated with wood panels, paper lanterns and cherry blossom tree prints.

Dish Detective was very impressed with their food at dim t

Dish Detective was very impressed with their food at dim t

Dish Detective supposes they are trying to transport you to Asia, and I would say it has mostly worked if you don’t look out the window at the Tesco’s car park.

We were immediately seated and given menus.

First impressions – comfortable atmosphere and clearly targeted at a wide audience as families, couples and friends filled the booths on the Saturday afternoon chatting to one another –although that may be down to the lack of mobile reception. Even if you wanted to ignore your meal companions by checking social media, you can’t.

After ordering our drinks – a jasmine green tea (£2.75) and a super berry iced tea (£3.10) – we waited a long time considering the amount of people in the restaurant.

But the manager noticed and remedied the situation immediately.

Beware, the tea pots are authentic and therefore heavy beyond belief but it all adds to the experience.

For starters, Dish Detective and DD’s mother shared the roasted pork buns (£4.05) and scallop prawn dim sum (£3.95).

The pork buns are to die for and Dish Detective strongly advises any visit to the restaurant incorporates these puffy balls of piggy goodness.

Prawn dim sum was a surprise to DD’s mother who was concerned about the ‘‘gloopy’ look but was pleasantly satisfied with the flavour but warns all revellers to practise their chopstick skills to ensure they actually get their food in their mouths (and not in their laps).

There are about 20 different meat, fish and vegetarian options for the dim sum and as the inspiration for the name of the restaurant, it is a must for any visit.

Mains come in four sections: noodles and rice, noodle soup, specialities and salads.

Every description sounds delicious, authentic and spicy which made choosing quite a challenge.

Dish Detective went for chicken gyoza noodle soup (£8.35) and DD’s mother opted for the superfood teryaki stir-fry with chicken (£8.55).

Dishes were available with a choice of chicken, tofu, prawn, steak or salmon.

My noodle soup was fresh with lots of Asian vegetables and DD added soy sauce for a saltier taste.

The only way for it to be better was for a couple more gyozas to be present in the bowl.

DD’s mother described her teriyaki stir-fry as more of a teriyaki soup-fry as the sauce she imagined would be sticky, had her vegetables swimming around the dish but overall said the taste of her chicken was delicious and the greenery was crunchy.

After becoming surprisingly full, we chose to share a dessert from the menu which included a toffee peanut sundae (£5.25).

And if you weren’t all riced-out then mochi, which are ice cream balls wrapped in the staple food of Asia, may be for you (£4.45).

For us, it was the classic banana fritters with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream.

They were full-on amazing, with just enough crispy batter, and didn’t leave you feeling as though you had downed a litre of grease.

So all in all a relaxed vibe and you leave feeling pretty smug as you have now mastered the art of healthy eating, while eating out.

Most importantly, there is a candy floss machine to keep the younger generation happy (and the older generations if you ask the waitress nicely).

dim t dim sum equals yum.

Tel: 01329 554455

Food 4

Value 4

Ambience 3

Child-friendly 4

(Ratings out of five)