European wines back on the map

Vina Taboexa Albarino 2011, Rias Baixas
Vina Taboexa Albarino 2011, Rias Baixas
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We seem to be in the middle of another of those slight changes in our wine-buying habits, with a resurgence of interest in ‘Old World’ European wines.

Whether it’s just a new generation bought up on the bright, fruit-driven flavours of the Antipodes who want to experience something else, or the fact that exchange rates are now better in Europe, France, Spain and Italy seem to be back on the map.

Waitrose is running a European wine showcase until May 8, which has got some real gems in it. With summer in mind, these are well worth seeking out. Muga Rosado 2011, Rioja (Waitrose £9.39 on offer £7.49) is a beautiful salmon pink with subtle notes of spice and red fruits, followed by a dry, almost zesty, palate, perfect on its own or with a salmon salad.

Top tipple

Vina Taboexa Albarino 2011, Rias Baixas

Flavours of soft white fruits, blossom and an apple citrus edge. Great value and perfect with seafood.

Waitrose £9.99, on offer £7.99 until May 8