Forget your diet and go for the tart with the dark stuff

Chocolate and hazel-nut tart.
Chocolate and hazel-nut tart.
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LAWRENCE MURPHY: Seasonal ingredients to help your January diets.

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My brother and his wife visited us recently after a long trip in France.

They had dinner at Fat Olives on the Saturday night and on the Sunday, after a stroll in the rain, we had an enjoyable country pub lunch.

jpwm-29-11-14 food chocolate tart''chocolate tart'''From: Lawrence Murphy <>

jpwm-29-11-14 food chocolate tart''chocolate tart'''From: Lawrence Murphy <>

As we sat, warmed by the fire and the atmosphere, we were handed menus and our drinks. My sister-in-law Colette has a sweet tooth and looked at the dessert menu before deciding what to have as a main.

I thought this odd but was told by my wife Julia many people do this at our restaurant.

Colette said the night before she could have tried all the desserts on our menu, but had opted for a red wine, spiced poached pear with a set cinnamon custard because she was trying to be good.

She desperately wanted the white chocolate mousse with blueberries and then saw a chocolate and hazel-nut tart from our lunch menu and couldn’t decide.

She twisted my arm for the tart recipe and while writing it down thought I could use it for today’s article.

As I’ve said before, I love rich dark chocolate. I use it in this recipe with whipped cream and some gently roasted hazel-nuts.

You will need a 22cm flan ring, lined with pastry and cooked blind to make the tart. But you could always use a bought pastry case and adapt the amount of chocolate filling in the recipe.

To find out more about Lawrence’s restaurant Fat Olives, visit or call 01243 377914.



22cm deep sweet pastry case

360g dark chocolate

280ml cream

160g egg

100g sugar

50g chopped roasted hazel-nuts


1. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water.

2. Whip the cream to form soft peaks.

3. Use an electric machine to whisk the eggs and sugar until thick and fluffy.

4. Fold the egg mixture into the cream.

5. Fold the chocolate and hazel-nuts into this mixture.

6. Pour the chocolate mixture into your tart case and smooth over.

7. Set in a fridge for two hours before serving.