Fresh strawberries and lime juice make a super smoothie

Fruit kebab and smoothie. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs  (131546-6)
Fruit kebab and smoothie. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (131546-6)
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As I write this, the sun is really starting to make more of an appearance. Maybe summer is finally here.

With that in mind, and being a parent myself, summer is the time of the year when you have to amuse the little ones with different activities. With their seemingly boundless energy, I like to find ways of keeping them entertained.

The recipe I am sharing today ticks all the boxes as it includes chocolate, is very interactive and it’s lovely to eat.

It is quite a challenge to entice young children into eating a good amount of fruit and vegetables, and we all know how important they are for the development of our little ones. Until you get older you probably have no time for things that are good for you...

I have made a fruit kebab with pineapple, strawberries and apple, with the addition of some chocolate sauce. It should make quite an appetising prospect for the little rascals.

To accompany the kebab I am going to make a smoothie – here’s where you can decide how indulgent or healthy you would like to make it. I am going all out and using some tasty ice-cream just because you can’t beat it on a summer’s day.

With this I am going to blend some lime juice and fresh strawberries to make the smoothie, so even though they are getting treated to some ice-cream they are still eating some very important fruit.

At least they won’t turn their noses up at it. Good luck!

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Fruit kebab and smoothie (Serves 1)


Liquidiser/hand blender

Measuring jug

Chopping board



Ice-cream scoop

Microwavable bowl



Baking tray

Wooden skewers

Milkshake glass

Ingredients for the smoothie:

One banana

One lime, juiced

Six strawberries

Half a pint of milk

One large scoop of vanilla ice cream


Half the strawberries and peel the banana.

Then place all the ingredients in the liquidiser.

Liquidise until smooth.

Take the smoothie mix and pour into the milkshake glass. Drink while ice cold.

Ingredients for fruit kebab:

Three strawberries

Half an apple

One ring of pineapple


Cut all the fruit into an even chunky size, then alternate fruit onto the skewer.

Place this on to the baking tray and grill lightly to warm and release juices from the fruit.

Ingredients for chocolate sauce:

4oz dark chocolate

2oz whipping cream

1tsp honey


Place all the ingredients into a microwavable bowl.

Put in for 20 seconds at a time until it’s all melted and glossy.

Then coat the kebabs with the sauce.