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Steak and Kidney pudding
Steak and Kidney pudding
Sonairton Almeida with Achuthan Leelaratham at 'Villa's Brasil Restaurant      ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (180314-0472)

Steak and sushi buffet hailed a great success

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Why not forget socks and slippers and instead treat your dad to some tasty food on Father’s Day on June 16.

Simon Cave, the author of new cookery book Manly Food, tells a story of when he was enjoying a nightcap in a restaurant.

‘One of the chefs said, ‘‘Do you know, I served meat to eight out of 10 of the men, and fish or goats’ cheese salad to eight out of 10 of the women that came here today?’’’ recalls Cave.

This ‘silly throwaway’ comment stayed with Cave. He talked about it with friends – the idea that men and women make different food choices – and decided the chef had hit on something.

And this is the inspiration behind Manly Food. Researching what to include in the book involved quizzing people on what they’d expect to see in it, and Cave wasn’t surprised to discover that the same responses cropped up time and time again.

‘They all said the same. Meaty things. Spicy things. Things that are hearty,’ he said.