It’s finger lickin’ good news as new KFC is set to open

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FRIED chicken lovers will have a brand new place to pick up their favourite food when a new KFC opens.

The chain is opening a new branch in Bedhampton early in November, creating 75 jobs.

A new hi-tech KFC is opening

A new hi-tech KFC is opening

And for the first time in the UK, the store will be cooking the chicken to order – as opposed to in advance.

This method – widely used in American stores – is the reason why the chain is able to offer many more jobs than usual.

The store will be in Larchwood Avenue between the McDonald’s and Asda.

Area manager Amit Sharma says that customers will be able to taste the difference in the food.

He said: ‘We’r pleased that we’ll be able to offer so many jobs for local residents. The reason we can do this is because we will be cooking the food from scratch in-store, which is being done for the first time in this country.

‘It’s a new concept and we’re looking forward to introducing it. Customers will be able to notice a difference.

‘From what we have seen from the USA there is almost no difference in waiting times either.’

The store will be introducing digital kiosks for customers to use to place their orders.

Mr Sharma said: ‘By allowing our customers to place the order themselves, they can have more control over exactly what comes out of the kitchen.

‘It means that the whole process, from ordering to receiving your food, will be a lot smoother.’

The restaurant will have seating for 80 people.

This will be the third KFC to open in the area, with the other two stores in Havant and Cowplain.

Plans for the store costing £2.5m were revealed in July 2016, with planning approved by Havant Borough Council earlier this year.

KFC is currently planning to open the store on Saturday, November 11, but say that this could be subject to change.