Italy’s fascinating wine

Piccini Memoro Bianco
Piccini Memoro Bianco
7 Bone Burger Co, Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth

RESTAURANT REVIEW: This is no gourmet burger joint but it's good value for money

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There are two things that fascinate me about Italian wine. Firstly, there is an almost endless range of indigenous grape varieties which occasionally burst into our glass. Secondly, Italy has an almost constant strive to reinvent itself.

The producer Piccini would be a great example of both of these, established some 130 years when they produced their first Chianti.

Now the company produces wines from both its Tuscan heartland and from all four corners of Italy.

Sasso al Poggio 2008, Toscana (Morrisons, £12.99) is a blend of the local Sangiovese with a little Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Its full of cherries, mocha, notes of liquorice and some spicy oak. Perfect with slow-cooked warming food.

Piccini Memoro Bianco

This is an eclectic blend of 
Viognier from Sicily, Chardonnay from Trentino, Vermentino from Western Italy and Pecorino. It’s quite full-bodied with fruits, honey and a little smokiness. It’s good value on special offer and would work really well with creamy pasta dishes.

Tesco, £6.66 on offer from £9.99

until October 1.