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La Gitana Manzanilla, Bodegas Hidalgo
La Gitana Manzanilla, Bodegas Hidalgo
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World Sherry Day may have passed you by this week.

But somewhat confusingly, World Sherry Day happens to be a whole week, ending tomorrow, so you still have time to open a bottle of what is without doubt one of the great wine styles.

Produced around the southern Spanish city of Jerez, from where it takes it name, the real joy of sherry is to be found in the diversity of styles produced, from bone dry Fino through to rich, sweet Perdo Ximenez with so many flavours.

Probably due to the decline in its popularity over the years, sherry is great value for money. With the current rise in interest in Spanish food, led by tapas, this is a great opportunity to join the celebration.

So start with Fino or Manzanilla and discover this brilliant wine.

La Gitana Manzanilla, Bodegas Hidalgo

This is bone dry with a salty, lemony nose and a crisp, tangy finish.

I swear if you close your eyes you can almost smell the sea.

It’s fantastic value for money. Treat it like a white wine and serve it with some fresh seafood.

Tesco and Waitrose, £10.40, and Majestic on offer at £7.99 if you buy two bottles. Hermitage Cellars £5.90 for half a bottle.