LAWRENCE MURPHY: Changing childhood views of liver

This dish will make you forget about poorly-cooked liver you ate as a child
This dish will make you forget about poorly-cooked liver you ate as a child
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Serves 4

May and June have to be the best times to be cooking new season lamb when its at its most tender.

A long roasted shoulder, falling off the bone, with some minted Jersey Royals, is something that makes my mouth water even just thinking about it.

I really am a fan of offal and get quite excited at this time of year because lamb’s liver is fabulous.

Many of you will remember eating poorly cooked, grainy liver as child and would not contemplate eating liver again. You should give it a go as it really has a fantastic flavour and texture.

Seared in a hot pan to caramelise the outside, pink in the middle, this cheap cut makes a great evening meal. Most people associate liver with bacon and onions but its good with spices too.

A drizzle of good vinegar compliments the meaty savoury taste but dress the liver at the last moment.

In this recipe I’ve paired the liver with sweet potato purée infused with clove, try it; you may be surprised...


650g lamb’s liver, sliced

1 large sweet potato

50ml double cream

12 cloves

8 spring onions


4 dessertspoons aged balsamic


1. Roast the sweet potato in a medium hot oven (180c, gas 5) for 40 minutes until soft.

2. Put the cream, cloves and 50ml of water in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Simmer until you have about 50ml of liquid left and take off the heat.

3 Leave this to infuse as the potato cooks.

4. Peel the potato and put the flesh into a food processor.

5. Strain the liquid into the food processor and discard the cloves.

6 Purée the sweet potato and season.

7. Pan fry the spring onions and keep warm.

8. Heat the pan to hot and add the sliced liver. Cook for one-and-a-half minutes on each side and season.

9. Spoon the sweet potato purée on to warmed plates. Place the liver around the purée with the spring onions and spoon over the balsamic.

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