Lawrence Murphy: Fight the flab or fill your frame with fruity favourites

Smoothies to lose and gain weight are Lawrence's recipe this week
Smoothies to lose and gain weight are Lawrence's recipe this week
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This time of year sees a massive increase in gym membership as we all try to reduce our excesses from Christmas and start the new year with the ‘new me’ mindset.

There are, however, some people who, due to their metabolic rate, are trying to add weight to their bodies.

The majority are trying to lose weight and these people find it difficult to add a few extra pounds to their frames.

We can all benefit from increasing exercise as this not only reduces fat but adds muscle weight. You don’t have to join a gym and lift weights; a brisk daily walk and a few simple exercises in your own home will do the trick.

The smoothie seems to be one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time to help you.

It can contain some of your five-a-day, which most of us are not getting, and if taken instead of lunch will help reduce your weight.

If you are looking to add weight in a sensible and healthy way, you need different ingredients and use it to supplement your normal diet.

You don’t need the latest gadget. A liquidiser or hand blender will work just as well. So here are two recipes to help you add weight, or lose the few pounds you added over the festive season.


Weight loss smoothie


65g kale

1 small Braeburn apple

20g mint

1 small banana

200ml brewed cold green tea

Juice half lemon

Teaspoon honey

Weight gain smoothie


20g cashew nuts

100ml coconut milk

100ml soya milk

1/2 banana

Spoon honey

40g blueberries

2 dates


1. In both cases, put all the ingredients into a liquidiser

2. Turn on the machine for one minute

3. Check consistency; if too grainy whizz for another minute

4. Chill and serve