LAWRENCE MURPHY: Jammy figs for a simple dessert

Fresh figs with yoghurt parfait by Fat Olives' Lawrence Murphy
Fresh figs with yoghurt parfait by Fat Olives' Lawrence Murphy
Skye McAlpine.

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(Serves 4)

There is something quite beautiful about a fig with its curvy shape and deep purple colour.

If one of our suppliers just mentions them I have to buy at least a kilo to munch on as I decide how to get them on the menu.

They are fantastic as a starter with some thinly sliced Serrano ham or as a topping for a pizza with crumbly goats cheese.

The almost jammy centre makes them ideal for a simple dessert, drizzled with honey with a spoonful mascarpone.

It is with this idea that the following dessert came about, replacing the mascarpone with yoghurt and making an iced parfait.

I’m sure parfaits were invented when a chef forgot to put gelatine in a mousse and just froze the result.

Buy figs that are ripe as once they are picked you will have difficulty to ripen them any more.


1 egg white

35g sugar

125ml plain yoghurt

50ml double cream

8 figs



1. Whisk the egg white with an electric whisk for three minutes.

2. Continue to whisk and slowly add

the sugar until the white becomes


3. In a separate bowl whisk the

cream until soft peaks form.

4. Add the yoghurt to the cream

and fold in.

5 Fold in the whisked egg white.

6 Pipe into four moulds and freeze

for at least four hours.

7 Remove the parfait from the

moulds and put onto four plates.

Cut the figs in half and arrange on

the plates. Drizzle with honey and