Mushrooms give a fantastic flavour and aroma to dish

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This week chef Lawrence cooks up a warming recipe ideal for the coming winter.

There’s definitely a chill in the air and a need for something to warm your belly after a stroll with the terriers.

Last year I went on a mushroom-foraging course in the New Forest and was shown where winter chanterelles, wood bluets and ceps grow.

It was interesting to learn that there are hundreds of varieties of mushroom that we should avoid and only about 10 that are really good to eat.

I decided to head to the woods and put into practise what I learned. I was looking for winter chanterelles, but after little success I resorted to some bought mushrooms to go in the pot with the chicken.

In this recipe I like to use dried ceps in the broth, which give fantastic flavour and aroma as the chicken slowly cooks, and then add extra mushrooms at the end. Buy whole chickens and use just the legs for this dish as this is more economical.

If you have difficulty getting hold of tarragon, substitute it with some chopped parsley.

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