Portsmouth Food: Make mackerel your Christmas canapé of choice

Smoked mackerel terrine makes the perfect Christmas canap�
Smoked mackerel terrine makes the perfect Christmas canap�
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A phone call from my sister confirmed that her new kitchen had been completed and thatwe could all go over to her house for Christmas Day lunch.

After much whooping at the fact that she had managed to get Christmas Day off work and the builders had finished in time, it was then decision time as to what to eat (and drink).

She was sure it wouldn’t be turkey as most of the family aren’t that keen, but there would be plenty of fizz.

A goose, baked ham or maybe roast beef were discussed but nothing was set in stone.

It got me thinking about what would be a simple starter that could be made the day before without too much effort and would taste great.

After mulling over the idea of a terrine in my head, which normally takes a fair few hours to put together, and something fishy, I came up with a smoked mackerel terrine.

It’s really quite easy to prepare and if you don’t want to layer the creamed fish with caper berries and more smoked mackerel you can just spread it on small pieces of toast with dill for a great canapé.

Smoked Mackerel Terrine


700g smoked mackerel (skin removed)

225g unsalted butter

10 dessert spoons creme fraiche

1 lemon (zest and juice)


25g caper berries

Small bunch chives, finely chopped


1 Line a terrine with cling film (or an oblong cake tin).

2 Put the butter in a food processor and pulse until soft.

3 Add the lemon juice, zest and 450g of fish. Pulse until smooth.

4 Add the creme fraiche and pulse gently until incorporated.

5 Season with pepper.

6 Spread some of this mixture on the bottom of the terrine and then top with caper berries, chives and some of the remaining fish.

7 Repeat this process until the terrine is full.

8 Wrap the terrine in cling film and set in a fridge over night.

9 Remove from the terrine and slice into portions.