Samba and sushi mix at new town restaurant

The Bahn Thai in Fareham will soon become a Brazilian steakhouse and susha buffet restaurant Picture by Ian Hargreaves

A RESTAURANT will bring a taste of samba and sushi to diners next month.

Three industry professionals are set to open Villa’s Brasil, a Brazilian steak house and sushi buffet restaurant, in Fareham, in the building that was previously popular Asian restaurant, Bahn Thai.

Director Achuthan Leelaratnam said: ‘We are really excited to open the place and bring a fusion food that has proved popular in London to people in Fareham.

‘We hope to get a bull to replace the Buddha that was taken by the old landlords and hopefully it will become as popular.’

The trio includes local Ram Siva who has lived in the area for 20 years.

The 47-year-old said: ‘We think the combination works and it means the restaurant works for everyone including people who don’t like meat.’

The restaurant is currently being refitted with new windows and re-decorated throughout the dining area.

Achuthan said: ‘The founder Sonairton Almeida is the driving force behind this and this is a massive opportunity for us to expand this food trend outside of London and give people a healthy option when coming to a steak house.’

Both Achuthan and Sonairton have both previously owned Brazilian restaurants in London.

Acuthan said: ‘I have owned a business for about four years and myself and the two others know a lot about the industry and we just can’t wait to open our doors.’

The building was originally let by Cyan Power and previous plans involved a pub chain taking over the site.

Achuthan added: ‘This community and the area have a lot of restaurants and pubs but none like this.

‘We wanted to give them some variety and something completely different.’

The restaurant is expected to open in February.

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