The first families of good wine

Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora 2011, Victoria
Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora 2011, Victoria
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Mimi Spencer and Sam Rice.

Food and drink: ‘Entering mid-life doesn’t mean you can’t still eat well’ say cookbook authors Mimi Spencer and Sam Rice

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It is often stated that, compared to France, Australia has neither the history nor the traditions when it comes to wine.

Twelve Australian producers came together in 2009 under the banner of Australia’s First Families of Wine in a bid to recognise their unique contribution to wine culture.

One of the twelve is Brown Brothers, who were founded in 1889 and are based in Victoria, and this week I was lucky enough to taste my way through a range of their wines.

I really enjoyed Brown Brothers Dry Muscat 2010 (Sainsbury and Tesco, from £7.99) with its grapey aromas and a crisp dry finish, which would work well with Chinese-influenced dishes. If you can track it down, Brown Brothers ‘Patricia’ Noble Riesling 2006 ( £21.90 half bottle) is a stunningly complex dessert wine.

TOP TIPPLE: Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora 2011, Victoria (Widely available from £7.49)

Perhaps the Brown Brothers’ most well-known wine and certainly unique, this is wonderfully fragrant and fresh with notes of orange blossoms, honey and citrus.

There is well-balanced acidity and it never becomes cloying. It’s perfect with a dessert of mixed red berries, or you can tryit with some soft blue cheese.