WATCH: Heston Blumenthal reveals his secret culinary obsession

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Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal has revealed his secret culinary obsession.

In a candid interview the Fat Duck chef says he cooks on the barbecue all year round, even in December.

Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal

His love of chargrilled meats has left him standing alone under an umbrella in the rain as he cooks a burger.

He even says it has played a big role in shaping gender roles in society and influenced EVOLUTION.

Speaking to The London Economic, he said: "Us blokes have kept our barbecues sacred because it's one of the very few things left that we can hang on to for our importance in society.

"We like to tell ourselves that only a man can do the fire, but unfortunately for us (it's not true)."

The Kensington-born chef, who advocates scientific understanding in cooking, was talking ahead of the launch of a five-strong barbecue range created by Australian specialists Everdure.

These range from 'The Cube', a small portable charcoal barbecue that can be used on picnics, through to 'The Hub' - a charcoal barbecue with a built-in rotisserie system and an electric element that heats charcoal to the correct temperature in just ten minutes.

Commenting on the important evolutionary role barbecuing has played, Heston said: "We are human beings because of cooking over charcoal.

"We became the most powerful species on the planet because we can work in large numbers together.

"And that's because we can imagine things that didn't exist and create a shared belief like religion or money or language or culture.

"And the reason why our brains trebled in size is to protect the gut."