Whites and fizz for the big day

Waitrose Brut NV
Waitrose Brut NV
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Here are some thoughts for white wine and fizz selections for the festive period.

Soave Classico 2010, Inama (Majestic £13.99 or £11.99 if you buy two) is very stylish, with ripe fruit and that classic nuttiness.

One of my favourite wines of the year has been Tesco Finest ‘Tingelup’ Riesling 2010, Great Southern (Tesco £9.99). This is refreshing, dry and full of limey fruit.

For something more classic, Saint Veran ‘Les Crias’ 2010, Domaine des Crais (Majestic £12.99 or £10.99 if you buy two) has minerals and citrus notes.

As for fizz, if I had a choice it would be Ridgeview Bloomsbury 2009, Sussex (Waitrose £21.99).

Top tipple

Waitrose Brut NV

When it comes to Champagne there are loads of own labels on offer, but for my mind this works well all the time. It has fruit and a lovely toastiness – perfect. Waitrose, £19.99