Worldwide celebration of Malbec

Bodegas O Fournier 'Urban' Malbec 2010
Bodegas O Fournier 'Urban' Malbec 2010
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The inaugural World Malbec Day took place this time last year. It seems it was a great success, so Monday April 17 sees a repeat of all things Malbec.

Other grape varieties seem to be jumping on the bandwagon as well, with a Chardonnay day next month and an already-established Grenache celebration in the autumn.

Originally from Bordeaux and still found in and around the town of Cahors, Malbec has become Argentina’s calling card with its dark, spicy, chocolate notes that seem to work perfectly with steak in particular.

Catena Malbec 2009, Mendoza (Waitrose £11.99 and Majestic £11.99, but buy 2 bottles for £9.99 each) is from one of Argentina’s best producers, which has done as much as anyone to put Malbec on the map.

Top tipple

Bodegas O Fournier ‘Urban’ Malbec 2010,

Despite price rises, this is still my favourite Malbec at this level, with dark fruits, particularly blueberries, rich exotic spices and some mocha.

Hermitage Cellars, £8.45