Food king wins Portsmouth waffle challenge

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HE has beaten hundreds of monster food challenges across the globe.

Now Randy Santel has overcome another feat in Portsmouth in record time.

Randy Santel, left, and his friend Simon Lock take up the 'Wicked Waffle' eating challenge

Randy Santel, left, and his friend Simon Lock take up the 'Wicked Waffle' eating challenge

The 28-year-old discovered Wicked Waffle ice cream parlour, in North End, held a challenge to eat four stacked Belgian waffles layered with 12 generous scoops of gelato ice cream in 45 minutes.

So tonight, the 28-year-old American paid the venue a visit and took up the contest as a small crowd watched.

And after just 13 minutes and 11 seconds, Randy had finished the 2kg load on his plate – and looked ready for more.

Speaking afterwards, he said: ‘I feel fine, my stomach feels great.

‘The key to it is, you can’t just fast for two days then expect your body to be able to eat a lot.

‘The day before, I had eaten a huge breakfast in Guildford so that helped.

‘The biggest thrill in doing something like this is in the winning, I have done 248 challenges around the world, and now local people here will want to try and beat my time.’

Randy’s friend Simon Lock, 34, of Salisbury, also did the challenge and managed to finish after 23 minutes and 55 seconds.

He had taken part before and beat his previous 30-minute record.

The winners received a ‘Wicked Waffle’ challenge T-shirt and are now part of the parlour’s wall of fame.

Simon, a father-of-five, said: ‘I’m hurting. With the last waffle, I struggled to even swallow any of it. I don’t know how Randy does it.’

Randy visited the city as part of a UK tour taking up food challenges.

Tomorrow he is set to take on a big burger in Bristol before heading off to Dublin.

Harry Harrison, 46, owner of Wicked Waffle, which is soon celebrating its first anniversary, said: ‘It just proves it can be done, and it was great seeing someone who does this sort of thing as a profession doing that.’