Free safety checks for holiday motorists

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MOTORISTS who are going on holiday and taking their cars with them this summer are being offered a free five-point tyre check at a tyre specialist in the county.

Fareham Protyre, on Russell Place in Fareham, is inviting people to visit the centre for a complimentary safety check during August.

Paul Wright, manager of Fareham Protyre, said: ‘According to a study by the Institute of Advanced Motorists published last month, 80 per cent of drivers have changed their driving behaviour to save fuel and of the 2,500 people polled, half said they had changed to a more eco-friendly driving style.

‘More than half said they stick to the speed limit to keep fuel consumption down and more than 70 per cent check their tyres regularly.

‘It is not generally recognised, however checking and adjusting tyre pressures can help not only to reduce fuel consumption, but will also help reduce CO2 emissions.’