The friends who got married after 30 years

Although it was raining outside, Louise and Mark Gower’s wedding day was filled with sunshine and happiness.

By Annie Lewis
Tuesday, 5th February 2019, 2:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 10:08 pm
Mark and Louise Gower seal their vows with a kiss.
Mark and Louise Gower seal their vows with a kiss.

‘It was such a fantastic day,’ smiles Mark.

Thirty years ago, the couple met as Louise was Mark’s sister’s best friend. After spending many years without seeing one another, the couple met again unexpectedly.

‘We bumped into each other in KFC,’ laughs Mark, ‘nothing glamorous.’

Mr and Mrs Gower smile on their wedding day.

‘We got together and just hit it off.’

After dating for a year, Mark, 53, and Louise, 50, spent a weekend away.

But unknown to Louise, Mark was planning to propose to her.

‘We had been together for just over a year when I proposed at the Gower Peninsula, South Wales – of all places,’ jokes Mark.

‘We just knew it was right.’

With the engagement announced, the Portchester couple quickly started to plan their perfect wedding.

‘I did most of the wedding planning because I’m more organised because of my job,’ says Mark, who is a senior project manager.  

‘We planned everything down to the last detail. But Louise organised her dress – it was the most beautiful dress.’

On December 15, the couple exchanged their wedding vows in front of 80 guests at Skylark Golf and Country Club, Fareham.

‘It rained all day – it was the only weekend in December that it rained. But I wasn’t nervous,’ smiles Mark.

‘The best thing about the day was marrying Louise and all the family being there.’

The Gowers are now planning their honeymoon in Asia in the next couple of months.

‘Louise is just so easy to get on with.

‘We just bounce off each other.’